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EURO-iTRACE is the Track and Trace solution EPC FRANCE, set up to meet the European Directive 2008/43/EC which will go into effect on April 5 2015.


EURO-iTRACE has the followinig specifications :

  • Smart mobile terminals.
  • Embedded software in the terminals and pre-configured upstream of the delivery.
  • Back-up, training and hotline are provided locally.
  • Our system can also include items not produced by the EPC Group provided they meet the recommendations of the FEEM.



The data are systematically sent in a XML file.


Receipt and use of receipt :


  • S1 : the file is sent to customers by email or via web service.
  • S2 : we also offer hosting of the data, and ensure traceability service for the customer via a secure web portal that enables reporting in the form of dashboards and consumption statistics.


Reception storage and use :


  • S3 : an extension of EURO-iTRACE on board terminals enables our customers to track all of the products (including those not produced by EPC FRANCE)

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