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Manufacturer of civil explosives, EPC FRANCE is a partner in the distribution of explosives and blasting tools essential for quarry mining.


From the delivery of explosive device and initiation products to the services of drilling and blasting, the product offer is complete and the teams at EPC FRANCE bring the whole range of mining products to the client.


In consultation with the quarry manager, the future blasting site is defined based on operationnal requirements.
The overall offer by EPC FRANCE includes siting, drilling, supply of explosives and initiating systems, loading the explosives and doing the blasting, while assuring the safety of the mining.

From the blasting to creating a track or basin, our teams put their skills and experience to work for our customers to provide safe, high quality service.



Tags : Service - Solutions

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EPC France

EPC France

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4, rue de Saint Martin


Tél :  04 90 47 17 25   Fax : 04 90 47 08 06




Les nouveaux systèmes de tir Daveytronic® DT-OP et DT-OPW arrivent.

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